Friday, February 25, 2011

Is this it?

I'm back yes, with one week of holiday ahead next week. Feeling pumped of course, except for the fact that there's General Pharmacology Finals on Monday.
Yay yee drugs~ *shifty eyes

I've been thinking over of closing my blog, coz I can't find the time to blog no more and inspiration to blog, sighh very little.
But I feel kinda reluctant to, since this blog has been my emo place, my happy place for the past few years.
So yeah.

Anyway, this was what I did during Valentines haha sorry for the slow update.

Went to Pavilion for dinner. End of story kthxbai.

See told you I haz to inspiration to blog sigh.
Cokee Monstaa looks half asleep here lol sorry but I don't have a better picha of him and if I didn't put one, it would seem like I'm a vainpot coz the post would be all about me only wtf.

 Me likey me food for the night.
Shucks. Always forget what's the name, I'm bad at names.

Hai. This iz me.

Hai. This iz me while chewing and attempting to talk.

This is his. Check out the melted cheese.
(Great I just made myself hungry)
I can never finish a burger dish. If I finish the burger, I wouldn't be able to finish the fries. If I managed to finish the fries and burger (if the burger is small), the salad would be left untouched. If I finished the fries and salad, the burger would go to waste fml.
I'm not a burger person. D:

Oh. No more pictures dy. :(
Dunno what to blog dy.
Okies, byebye will blog again soon. (everytime also say liddat but dunno when)
I want to go find my inspiration.
*hears inspirational music


Monday, February 14, 2011


NOPE I'm not dead yet.
Err, I meant, my blog ain't dead.
Just busy with LIFE and fulfilling daily routines.
Will blog soon, I pwomise!


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

As hard as rock!

Pre-Written Post

Well, it should be as hard as diamonds as diamonds is the hardest element in the world right. Okay I'll just go straight to the point : I went to Hard Rock the other day for dinner. (there, no crappy) :D

It was CokieMonstaa's bday dinaa and he 'hinted' that he wanted to go there for dinner SOMEDAY, so I guess that SOMEDAY would be yesterday.

Of course the pro pro shots were taken by him and we might have the same pictures. =D

Chicken Tenders with BBQ sauce.
Abit overcooked but I kinda like it coz so crispy. :D

Omg the mashed potato is to die for.
Not forgetting the veges. I seldom seldom seldom eat veges but these hohh! nice!

Sorry bout the 'keluar' sign haiz phail.
The birthday boy refuse to be given the birthday treatment. (why not, got free cake what!)
"Shy la" he said. Pftt. There goes the free slide of cake and being the center of attention lol.
Anyhow, its quite a nice place to chillax. :)

Okay now, everybody say 'Happy Birthday to MELVIN LEE!'


Sunday, January 16, 2011

If I were a Green Hornet . . .

. . . I would be the hottest hornet ever lived. *perasan mode on
Call myself the FashionistaHornet!
And this hornet is gonna stop all 'bad-fashion-sense-shoes-doesnt-match-with-clothes victims' and reward them with topshop vouchers wtf. Okay not only topshop, any shop!

Oh and I forgot to mention my costume is themed Egyptian Nights wtf and that's my sidekick, Mr. FlipFlops!
You must be wondering why the FashionistaHornet's sidekick wear so cincai one, well boys and girls, actually I'm also not very sure myself lol err, okeh, coz Mr. Flipflops .. prefer .. the casual look! That's it!
A casual look =D

Together, we'll fight for fashion!
*forgive the expression, doesn't really match with the caption =.=''

We're all about introducing cultures to people as well you know like mixing and matching yukata with erm, converse shoes like Mr. Japanese Hippyhop here! =D

Making the world a prettier place is what we do best!
Makeovers included! =DDDD

Okay wait, the left side is the after and the right is before, just so you know coz the right side is usually the before picha wtf.

Keke jokes aside, NuffNang is so kind *as always* to offer 70 nuffnangers and guests to check out the THE GREEN HORNET 3 DAYS EARLIER than the release date!
Warao, NuffNang can be a green hornet also, always giving out free tickets and free stuff.

And its JAY CHOU. *dies.
Do read my Jaychou post here. The crazy things I do for JayChou. ^^
Can't wait for the premiere!
Can't wait to see JayChou speak engrish!
Can't wait to see Cameran Diaz's hot bod.
Can't wait to rofl over Seth Rogen's jokes!
That is, if I happen to get the free tickets.
Pretty prease Nuffnang? :)


Friday, January 7, 2011

My New Year's Eve

.. Was spend by eating.
Hence this blogpost would be of food pictures. 
Geez. It wouldn't be surprising if I gain another kg this week.

First stop was lunch at Pasta Zanmai. Beef Hamberg!
Hadn't had this for ages, since I came back from Japan.
Almost similar to the one I've eaten, except that the Hambergs in Japan are much bigger!
Oh and there's Kimchi too! Not too spicy, just the way I like it. :)

Complimentary dishes; Garlic Bread, Potato Salad and Cream Soup.

I look so pale. @.@ 
BUT am happy coz my hair looks long in this picha. =D
Next, went for a movie. 
Was having difficulties picking one actually coz there's 3 that I wanna watch so badly. 
>> The Tourist
>> Meet the fockers
>> Gulliver's Travels

End up watching?
And I would never regret watching this coz its so effing funny HAHA. 
Even the guy's name is funny kay, Gaylord Focker wtf WHO WOULD NAME THEIR CHILD GAYLORD HAHAHA.
A must to watch!

It was the 31st so, yay to baskin robbins! =D
Mel and I finished the whole thing half way thru the movie and we claimed ourselves as smartass cool peeps coz we haz the coolest cinema food around while others just eat lame popcorns and hotdogs pfftt whatdap dogg wtf.

When it comes to BR, this girl right here is more than happy.

She's my 3 year old cousin.
How cute can she get! This is at ikea btw. :)

Picture taken w/ my BB.
Ended my new years eve by counting down at e@curve.
Massive crowd! Thank goodness I wasn't caught in the jam then after, coz I'm smart enuff to walk from my house lol.



.. and counting

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