Sunday, July 29, 2007

diner dash. addictive.

This game is sooo making me addicted to it, thanks to auntie margaret for "introducing" it to me. At first it was, diner dash one. I was back in Malacca and I saw auntie playing this "game". I was like "oooo, so many restaurants to play wo", "erm, we have to served the customers ga?" "Ei, ei ei, why the customers so pissed off de?" *fascinated. big smilling round eyes observes quietly as auntie margaret plays*

And next thing I knew, I cannot take my face of the computer screen and my hand of the mouse. Wth. Its addictive I tell ya! At the beginning, I find the characters cute ; the angry faces when not getting their food or order, you know, that sort of thing, but then when I discovered that not serving them would destroy my chance of winning that level, I was like omg, "You.. You.. You.. grr" (looks like someone needs to go for anger-managment classes)

Well, I played again and again and again the same freaking level just to get the expert score. Its like "I'll never get satisfied if I didnt get a STUPID freaking yellow star (the expert star) in every level." lolx. Wth. *temperature rising*

And the worst thing is that, all of the sudden, the computer will like LAGGGG.. And the next minute, you can see all customers pissed off and leaving. Omg. *bangs the computer screen*

*cools down* Anyway, when I was done with Diner Dash 1, I was kinda bored because I've got no other game in my computer (unlike my brother's :: counter strike, battlefield, crap) Well, cannot blame him though. He's a boy, he likes computer games, do the math.

Now, I'm finished with Diner Dash 3 :: Flo on the Go. (yupe, expert in all the levels. weeee)Three salutes to the animation guy for the awesome graphics and cute new characters though.

Flo is like so cute with her pom pom ponytail hair and cheeky smile. lolx.


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