Saturday, July 28, 2007

I so freaking like wu zhun.

Yea yea. I know you guys know i like lee hom. (Wth am I saying by the way? geez) But, when i turn on to 8tv, and there's this show I dont really know how to pronounce the name (i'm a half banana unfortunately) there's this hottie guy ella (dont know what's her tv name. wth.) has a crush on. Omg. Just take a look at the picture above. The first guy, with the half shocked half adorable face. Isnt he a cutie pie? omg. -- jumps around excitedly, take in deep breaths --

phei yee :: some one please catch me before I faint. thank you.

Erm, the following day, I excitedly ask my friend who the heck is he, in a polite manner of course. Wu Zhun. Omg. Even the name is like so yeng. I mean like take a look at his messy but handsomely "arranged" hair. Fair fair. And, listen listen, he's from Brunei. WTH? Yaaaa. Brunei. He looks like a Taiwanese though. I was like, "whoa. No doubt he's from Taiwan. And when it comes to me that he's a Brunei guy, I was like, "Is it?! U sure? Dont lie to me now." lolx.

yes, wu zhun. You can "shhh" me anything you want since I'm so talkative. Wth.

So, yea. Thats basically how my obsession towards wu zhun begun. But dont get me wrong though. Jay and Lee hom are good looking too. Well, lets just put it this way, can I like all of them? Its not a crime right? -smiles-


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