Friday, July 20, 2007

my bday :: TOMORROW!

yay! yay! -- jump up and down, all excited, like a kid--

its my 18th bday tomorrow. My, my, my, how fast time flies. I still can remember my baby steps and gagagugu language like it was just yesterday. wth. Not really actually. I dont remember a thing. lolx. Anyways, will keep ya all updated with whats goin to happen tomorrow. lolx. Oh yea, zhang dong liang is coming to Quantan tonight. Will post the pics soon! ahaks.

By the way, i have like 2 tuitions tomorrow back to back tomorrow. So, this is my bday present this year huh? wth. -- show tantrum + merajuk "kao kao" --

taken a day before my bday. 17 years 364 days old. wth. lolx.


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