Sunday, July 15, 2007

new capitol chicken rice.

I dont really fancy chicken rice. But this is one freaking nice chicken rice shop. At first, I didnt quite know that there is such shop in Kuantan. lolx. I kinda found out about it on tv. ntv 7. There's this hainan chicken rice progamme thingy in search for the best chicken rice in Malaysia. And guess what. This shop is in the top 20. lolx.

So anyway, my family decided to go try it out.

Pic #1 :: Momsie kinda ordered roasted chicken. Is that what they call it? lolx. The service was freaking fast! Our rice even came before the chicken. That is what I call by healthy fast food!

Pic 2# :: Gone after 5 minutes. lolx. No exactly. 20. lolx. wth.

Pic #3 :: 100 plus sooo relieves a dry throat on a sunny day. I so freaking love 100 plus. lolx.


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