Saturday, July 28, 2007

shopping isnt always fun?

Hell no! Its always fun. lol. Today, 28th of july :: bonuslink members day sale. woo hoo! sale sale sale. I lurva lurva lurva sale. Wth. Crazy already. Shopaholics are like this. Excuse me.
Anyway, this time, my cousin sista, rachel a.k.a the cutest cousin ever goes shopping with momsie and I. She's sooo adorable. Sitting on the pram. Eating raisin to keep her occupied. lolx. soooo freaking cute. :)
Oh yea, I bought a cute sweater like t-shirt from G2000 blu too. Black. RM37.17 after discount. G2000 clothes are always comfy.

see what I mean? hehe.

like i said. c-u-t-e!

rachel eating raisins. eww, i dont likey- like raisin but she seems to love it. hurmp. toddlers.

zooming in. raisins. double yucks. :pp

awww. she has a mosquito bite on her face. :(


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