Friday, August 3, 2007

camwhoring. Part 1.

Camwhoring. A new term but old habit for me. Been camwhoring for quite long already. Lol. Brought handphone to school today. Thats right teachers and prefects! I bought it! Watcha going to do bout it, huh? -evil laughter :: muahahaha- Wth.*thinks back* Erm, please dont rampas it. T.T The whole day was about camwhoring. These are the evidences. Muahaha.

pHei yee :: SS (syok sendiri) Well, no. It's actually sapu sampah. lol. By the way, did you realise the "yee's" are put together? Wth.

The trio. We are known as psycho #1, psycho #2 and psycho #3. We are family, all my psycho friends and me. lalala.

Yer. I look so, yer. May e is like in a state of shockness. lol. :p

damn. Have to fetch my bro from school dy. Grr. Will have the part 2 post of this soon.


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