Saturday, August 11, 2007

camwhoring. Part 2.

This time it took place during a Hari Pengguna function. Hurmp, my school choir team is invited to perform (sing) some patriotic songs at Berjaya Megamall. Wth. But it wasnt so bad. :)
Erm, the function was "suppose" to start at 3.15pm but as usual dilly dally here there, puff.. It only started at 3.30pm.
So, we kinda spent our time going to the "toilet" (which actually means walking around the mall) or to camwhore! Yay! lol.
By the way, teacher asked us to pinned up all our hair to the back to look neat. Yes, it is neat. That is too some people. To me, Omg. I look like a retard.

First picture taken with may yee. Omg. Teacher pin my flower so high. Sigh. =.='''

Okay. I know this picture is like abit weird. But hey, who cares. lol. See See See, See what I mean by my hair all pinned up-looking-like-a-retard-thingy? Sigh.

There's this big pimple on my right upper cheeck. Grr.

Well, after taking a few pictures, my handphone battery went kaaapuff. T.T That always happen to me you know. Sigh. Next time when you happen to see me, please remind me to charge my handphone. Thank you. *continue crying*


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