Friday, August 31, 2007

-- continue-ing --

Haha. Wth. Check out the title.

Hurmph, as I was saying in the last post, I'm going to post the rest of the pictures. Here they are : (Some are at random)

Gene's facial expression shows that he's damn bloated. So am I that time. lol.

And this is rachel, laughing her way off coz she gets to drink cold cold ice lemon tea. Wth. lolx.

Bro's food after 10 minutes.

after 20 minutes. *going to vomit face, mouth stuffed with burger and half eaten fries* "Aiyo, cannot eat dy la, too full dy," Wth. I told him he couldnt finish it, but he still insist. See See See, See what happens? lol.

And that's basically it for TGI.
goooo TGI! haha. *sounds so like a retard*


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