Thursday, August 30, 2007

do we need one? :x

I had said it once, and now, I would say it again. I pretty much hate butterflies. I hate butterflies! ok. FIne. Hate sounds abit harsh but I really do not like these insects. I find the praying mantis cute but butterflies? oh no no no. They gross me out and makes me cry (well, not really cry, but I'm freaking scared ok?)
Hurmp, see this.

i was busy camwhoring when my bro took this butterfly and interupted my pic. So damn rude lo. And he knows I do NOT like butterflies. Wth. Sobs.

There. Another stupid one. Gross! Btw, this picture is edited so it kinda look brighter. haha. Wth. Not funny also. =.=''''

--- to be continued on the other post ---


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