Sunday, August 12, 2007

harry potter.

Yes! finally I got the book after a few weeks of torturing. Torturing in the sense of people I know saying, "Phei Yee, u read the 7th book already ah?" "Ei, you wanna know how's the ending anot?" "Phei Yee, the book damn nice la," Wth. Damn. I know you people know I havent got the book yet ok? Geez. I mean the reason why this happens is because I pre-ordered the book from MPH because the gifts thats goes with it is like much much better compared to other bookstores around. But the only bad thing about this is that Kuantan doesnt have MPH. T______T
So, with this, I have to like travel to Malacca to get the book. Sigh. Anyway, no pain no gain right? But, the "pain" is really painful. It first started when daddy said he would be goin back to Malacca on the 21st of July. Yay! The date the book would be released and the day I was born 18 years ago. Woohoo. Wth.

Then, after a few days, he told us that he would have a meeting on that day and will be postponed to the following weekend. Sweat. =.="
Nevermind nevermind. I forgot about that after a few days. But the worst is yet to come. Wth.
Since I cannot collect the book myself right, so I kind of wanna ask my auntie to do it for me, because by the time I go collect it myself, it will be like too late. Wth. Hmm, so I send my receipt to auntie maaargaret and write a short letter with it too. lol.

After a few days, mummy ask me to check with auntie ( I forgot and this posponed after a few days. lol Wth) When I checked with her, she said she didnt receive it. T_______T Wth. Feeling depressed I think of ways on how to claim the book without the receipt. Ok, fine. Use the I.C then. lol. Thank God they wrote down my name and IC. no. during registration. lol.

When I went to collect it, I was like the LAST person to collect the book. T________T damn paiseh ok? Wth. Well, at least I'm satisfied with the cute mug and some other stuff. And the book cover is like freaking nice. So 3D-ish.

Adult version. Nice cover right. Like it alot.

Blur pic. Coz I'm moving around. lol. pHei e and the book. :)


Janson August 14, 2007 at 7:57 PM  

alah, tunjuk muka sepuluh sen bila baca buku harry porter... harry porter masih hidup ke?

phei_yee August 18, 2007 at 10:49 AM  

lol. yaa.. harry potter still alive.. haha.

.. and counting

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