Friday, August 3, 2007

nescafe teh tarik.

Tea Pull? No no no. It's call teh tarik. No direct translation or it will sound so funny. lol. You see, daddy works for Nestle so there are certain functions that he needs to help or "supervise" on. One of it is this nescafe teh tarik competition. This competition is like so cute at times. But there are some contestants which are super scary for no particular reason. Wth. They just look scary. Yer.

Anyway, this was held at Kuantan Parade, last Sunday, I think. (Gosh. I have this short term memory lost thing in me again) Where there's competitions there will definately have prizes. (Duh. Unless that is a really lame competition. lol) Well, there are hampers and they are like super super huge and heavy, and the champ is an auntie that does the "joget thingy" with teh tarik-ing. Well, I still prefer that uncle who dances along with the tokyo drift song. He plays with the fire too! But I forgot to take a pic on that. Sorry. lol.

Here are some pictures by the way. And this time around Princess Rachel is not not not, I repeat NOT in a really good mood. =.="

The stage. Kind of small by the way, dont you think?
The contestants. So far right? Duh. Coz I'm standing far away lah. Wth. lol.
The crowd. Quite alot of audience huh? Mostly uncles and aunties though. And the participants supporters of course. (aunties and uncles also. lol)
See. See. I told you. I told you. Princess isnt happy! Steal her biscuits and she's cry. Thats what happens when momsie wanted a raisin from her. In short, never take her food!


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