Thursday, August 30, 2007

TGI batu.

Wth. The title suppose to mean that TGI rocks. haha.
Ahh.. The wonders of eating at TGI.
The good thing bout it is that :

the deco is really nice
the foods great
the waiters and waitresses uniform are so cute
the atmosphere. o la la.

Enough bout the quotes mark thingy. Just wanna try it out. haha.
Like I said in the older post, here are the pics :
(warning : if your computer screen is those dark dark type, you would be able to see the pics, coz its like really dark. ok? Dont blame me. Blame the lighting. Wth. haha)

Woohoo! Goooooo TGI!

The drinks. Yay! Mine is with the strawberry in it. Cool huh? cool huh? wth.
hmm, I got toooo excited until I forgot to take pic of my main course again... T______________________T But But But, nevermind. I took the desserts instead. Muahaha.

This dessert belongs to mua. Cookies and cream. Woohoo! BUt the cookie is like so damn hard. Bite until my teeth wanna come out dy. *ouch*

Now, this is my aunts. hehe.

Wth. Got to go. Mummy calling dy. T__________T
THere are more. Be patient. :X


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