Monday, August 20, 2007


Ah. The wonders of shopping. Always fun choosing stuff. Buying stuff. Paying stuff. Wth? Paying stuff. lol. ANYway, just came back from shopping just now. So tired but still have enough energy to post a post. Wth. Today, my main purpose of shopping is to look at books coz there's like a popular book fair today. Those who know me well should know I would not just go alllllll the way to Mega just for a freaking bookfair. Wth. Ya Ya Ya. I do like books. English ones excuse me. Chinese books? I could only understand the pictures. Typical chinese. Yea right. Not me. I'm a half banana. (not full coz I know how to speak, ok? Wth)

Went to the supermarket. The new one. Called Cold Storage. Nah. They dont just sell cold things. Its just a name. I'm quite impress with it though. A lot of varieties. Jap food, Korean food, American food. Nice nice nice food. Plus the place is clean. Haha. Wth.

My bro and I are always fighting over stuff. This time we are like fighting over pizzas. Wth. I won of course. lalalala.

I'm an ice-cream lover. I love all types of freaking ice-cream except for the red bean thingy. Eu. Don't like beans. Never like beans. Even when I'm eating ais kacang, I would like, "Auntie, bu yao hong tou de a." lol. I have this anti thing against beans you know. Its just sooo beanie. Wth. Crapping again. *slaps*

Both my favourite food. Oh yea. I bought a bottle too. Hydrogear. Rubbermaid. RM11.99. Wth. So detail. Haha. Hurmph, and there is like a free item with it too. A Jordon brand kids toothbrush. Wth. I kinda look forward for the new bottle coz my old one is like 'crap'. The other day I actually saw something green in it. Omg. Yer.

I look sooo pale without make up. Well, pale also because its that time of the month again. Haiks.
The second pic is crap. I wanted to smile but wasnt able to. Wth. I love miko soy bean by the way. Damn adorable.
End up camwhoring the whole time at the supermart. lol. Normal thing when you're together with phei yee. Wth. Have you guys seen my new hair cut? Nice? Have a lighter jap touch to it. That's what the hair stylist said. Not trying to boast here. Haha. Wth.


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