Sunday, August 26, 2007

yay yay yay yay yay yay

yay yay yay. Wth. Freaking excited. lol

I'm in kay el now. I soooo kay el. The malls I mean. Ahem Ahem. Hate the jam. Grr. This time, the main reason on going to kay el is because my cousin wanna go for her doc appointment. And yea, because of this, my whole family is dragged to kay el. Wth. (lol. SOo drastic) Anyway anyway, this trip was like so fun. Get to eat TGI fri( the food there I mean. omg) and get to go shopping. woo hoo!

The fun part begins when its shopping time. The food was good. My stomach damn bloated. lol. And I bought a new specs frame. yay! Wth. Hurmph, and the boring and annoying part is of course the stupid jam (double WTH!) and the distance from my auntie's house to One U.

Btw, I'm soo using my auntie's laptop now so there's like no USB cable to transfer my photos in. Will upload the photos in the next post. So damn banyak. Haha.

Erm, just to make this post look long, I would include the food that we (mua family, rachel, gene and auntie siew hwa) ate. lol. Wth :

1 Fried Calamri
1 Set if buffalo wings
I Mocha Mud Pie (damn syiok)
I Cookies and Cream (damn nice)
1 Iced Lemon Tea
1 Lemonade drink thingy (forgot the name. Wth)
1 Summer Cyclist (yay! my cute drink)
1 Peppermint Shake (my bro's drink)
1 77 Sunset Strip (there's like voldka in it. But daddy let me have A
1 Moji Fish thingy
1 Fish and Chips *classic!*
2 Salmon thingy
1 Cheese burger (my bro's yet again)

Guess how much all these cost? haha.


Janson August 30, 2007 at 11:08 AM  

alah, tapi tak da satay celup dalam list... bah!!!

.. and counting

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