Saturday, August 18, 2007

youth cup 2007 *juve vs barce*

Omg! This is like the first youth cup that I watched live in stadium Darul Makmur. And I think the first time I watch a live fooball match. Wth.

Omg omg! The players are like *melts*. Daddy gave me 14 grandstand ticket free (yipee!) to go watch and the match is like between the too ultimate giants. JUVENTUS vs BARCELONA.
When we are about to take our seats, we went to the upper part of the stadium where the grandstand should be right? And then, there's a guard-like-person saying, "eh, tak boleh duduk sini, sini untuk VIP." Wth. Sweat. Isnt VIP and grandstand the same meaning, the same catagory? =.=" We end up sitting the first few seats.
My girlfriends and I will be like checking out the hot guys while the boys are the only ones really into the game. Booing to the referee and stuff. lol.

The crowd was kinda small. Well, cannot blame them. It was on a Monday evening. Wth. Check out the 3 people lepaking there. Not us.

My fav barce player. SO damn cun lo!


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