Sunday, September 30, 2007

half an hour or so..

... spend in a nursery full of pretty pretty flowers! :)

I love flowers, not all, but yea, some.

Like this one! It's orange! orange orange orange! *getting excited Wth. I sorta ask dad whether this is a sunflower, he answered "yes" with a I'm-not-so-sure face. lol.Ahem ahem, anyways, how bout this one?

Looks abit fake coz I think I went to close. Wth. Anyways, is it a rose? I don't freaking know! But its pretty. n.n At last, my bro and I got tired of looking at the flower and not forgetting the freaking hot weather. Wth. (I was wearing black that time, regretting it) We went around camwhoring instead. As usual. *grins

Crazy siblings. Taken at the same spot, same time, same flower. Wth.

Brother's attempt to touch the cactus failed as he was too afraid. Wth. Well, at least he TRIED to. Have to give him some credit also. Haha.

And here's dad. Trying to show of his kung fu skills. lol. Or is it tai chi? Credit to his tai chi si fu. Wth. If you're wandering why is he wearing so smartly to a nursery? No, not because he is excited, its because we just came back from church. Hehe. By the way, I have NO IDEA what he is holding. *starwars theme song. geng geng geng..



.. and counting

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