Thursday, September 13, 2007

i'm in love with playhouse disney.

Wth. Yes. I am indeed.
* Little einsteins
* Pocoyo!!!! so cute
* MickeyMouse clubhouse
Yaa.. The rest is like so so ny. Some so freaking lame. lol.

See what I mean? The characters are like sooo cute. n.n
At first I thought Little Einsteins are suppose to be kids that looks like einstein. With funky hair and stuff. Wth. Bout unfortunately and thankfully, I was wrong.
Btw, Btw, There's boy's name is like Quincy. I mean like, how cute is that? Wth.

Next there's this short show (something like a show) called pocoyo! SO damn damn damn cute! Well, no suprise there acctually. The persons behind this are Japanese, except the narrator though. lol.
(erm, lazy to find picture, lol, if you want to know how pocoyo looks like, check out

Next is my all time favourite disney character till now, Mickey! Mickey Mickey Mickey! Eventhough he is a mouse, I still like him. n.n (I hate mouses, thank you very much)

Oh yea, there's this other short show. Somewhere around 10 minutes. Danny and daddy. Omg! His (danny's daddy) is like so freaking dumb ok? Even his son is like soooo much smarter than him. And he always get upset when he didnt manage to answer his son's question correctly. Wth. You should be! Shame on you man!



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