Tuesday, September 11, 2007

i'm seeing stars.

*stars* *stars* and more *stars*

lol. I think I'm going nuts nowadays. I mean like come on! With tonnes of homework and 8 hours of tuition per week, I must well just go and shoot myself now. The problem is, I cant find a gun. Wth. lol.

hurmp, Ok. Since I'm like running out of things to post, let me bring you guys back to the past a lil bit. *not until the 16 B.C ok?*
Remember the other time, I said I went to Bukit Tinggi? (Erm, did I tell you guys btw? Wth. I totally forgotten) Grr. Nvrmind. I'll start over then.

There. Bukit Tinggi. Nice place. Cold. Dad's company's family day was held there. In the picture, you can see my bro, my mum, my dad... WTH? There's no me?????!
I was the camera "women", err girl. T_____________T

Ah.. Now you can see me. Smiles.

And here's another pic. Some people actually thinks the dude next to me is my bf. Wth. He's my bro, fyi. I dont have such bad taste ok? lol. Damn bad.

This is me freaking mad because people keep ignoring me. Nobody wants to take pictures for me. T_________T Alas, I kinda force my bro to take one, which is this only pic. Sigh.

During dinner. I was playing with the cam and dad kinda did this "i'm the boss around here" pose. lol. Wth. And bro was like choking after he say this pic, simlpy because he thinks its funny with his huge face in it. Boys. Wth.


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