Tuesday, September 4, 2007

ok ok.. back. lol
I'll go straight to the picutres this time. Wth.

No idea why my bro's face is like so freaking cacat-ed. Check out Rachel! She's masters the "peace sign" from her sifu dy! (ahem ahem, thats me.) But err, still needs some work since her peace sign is like 3 fingers. Sigh.

Err, I have no IDEA why i kept doing this pose. Geez. Got to change and have some variety dy.

Omg. Omg. I look soo young. lol. Btw, this is a random pic. Sorry. Haha

No comment. :X

Rachel : *gasp* ga? ga ga gu gu ga ga gu gu. nooooooo!
Translation : Whaaat? You wanna snatch the remote away from me? nooooooo!


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