Sunday, September 23, 2007

what i love and why i love doing it.

10. I love shopping.
Which girl wouldnt? I would like to meet one who doesnt. I'll MAKE you like shopping.
*hell ya* haha

9. Playing piano is a part of my life and always be.
Yupe. It surely is! But too much stress towards piano like piano exams makes me hate piano.
Playing the songs i like on the other hand, is a different story all together.

8. Swearing.
Ok. I really try my freaking best to not swear but sometimes, something or somebody
keep pissing me off which I cannot stand and makes me wanna smack the crap out of them
ok? Geez. Omg. Omg. Omg. Its actually oh-my-goodness. So, its not that bad after all right?
But wth is like what i swearing too. Oh well, at least I seldomly swear fcuk off. lol. Wth.

7. Dancing and singing.
When I was like around 12+, I use to dance around in the room with britney spears, hit me
baby one more time. No kidding. And I would take the comb too and make it my microphone.
Omg. Memories. I still do that at times though. When I'm all stressed out. lol.

6. Fighting over stuff with my brother.
Immature me. *sigh I do usually win except for special cases where it was totally my fault in
the first place. For example, playing with his ear for no reason what so ever, saying that his
breath stinks and so dont talk to me, eating his sweets. I"m sorry bro, but a sister gotta do
what a sister otta do. Wth.

5. I kinda run out of this to write. Wth.

4. I'm back with one. Dreaming.
Dreaming that someday I would marry prince william, or wu zhun would come visit my room
(no!!!!!!!!!!!!) or that jay chou would help me do my homework (wth) or that lee hom would
teach me how to play the violin. lol

1. I'll just skip to no. 1 since I'm getting bored of this. Wth.
And the no one thing is...... *drumroll* SLEEPING! I dont mind people calling me pig or
whatever relavent to it (my uncle call's me khinzir. Wth. lol) Conclusion is, less than 8 hours
of sleep would make me extra grumpy and I would soo hate you if you called me when I
sleep. Damn serious. Hurmp.


Janson September 25, 2007 at 5:11 PM  

Marah sebab aku panggil kau khinzir untuk bangunkan anda??? kau balik melaka second round akan ku kerjakan anda nanti... ;-)

phei_yee September 26, 2007 at 12:15 AM  

hahaha. rimas!!!! rimas rimas rimas!

.. and counting

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