Saturday, October 6, 2007

exams date brought forward?!

Omg. When I heard this, I freaked out a little. Ok. Not a little, alot. Friends who know me know that I react to things very drastically, be it something happy or devastating. Like the other day in school, I finally finished my muet essay using the school computer and dont know what shit button I press cause the whole essay to disappear. Damn furious that time man! I was like WTH? What did I press la????? Damn Noob, ok.

Back to what I was suppose to say in the first place. Wth. Someone (first its was Phui Yoke, then Chuii Yi came along) told me that the exams date is like brought forward to the 22nd of October!!! Omg. I so totally freak out as usual. Coz the GN is like on the 25th, the exams usually last about a week, do the math. I cant go out having fun when there's an exam the following day?! Geez. The next few days I studied so hard. lol. Wth.

*Grumble Grumble* Anyways, after a few days, teacher said the exams are on 29th not 22nd.
FuF!!!! Damn relieve. Thank goodness. Hakikatnya, I still have an exam. T_____T Quite a major one too. T_____________________T


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