Sunday, October 28, 2007

graduation night. a success!

Hooray! I'm so happy that its finally over and a great one indeed! Teachers commented that it is well organised and yea, I'm so happy. n.n (after all the stuff that me and the organizing committee have done, the ups and downs, the stressful and gan jiong rehearsals, lol)

And so, a post would never be good without photos. hehe.

Here's one. As you can see, both of us are (as usual) acting cute. Actually both of us are BORN cute. Wth. Look at my hair! Look at my hair! Its all curly again! n.n *starting to miss my curly hair dy.* big wet eyes.

We just love cute posers. lol. Ok, the reason why my face turn out to be like this is because from 6.30pm to 9.30pm, I cant seem to find water to drink and the cells in my body almost die of dehydration. Wth. So biological huh? haha.

A more "natural" photo here. I love taking pictures with may e. We are err, kinda "the same type". lol. (I really need to practise my photo taking skills. Sigh)

This is chuu yii. Isnt she pretty? I prefer to call her chuuuuu though. haha. Owh ya, the things we have in common : our names ends with "yee" and we both adore lee hom. n.n

And here are another bunch of yees. (geez there are so many yees) We've been together like since Form 1 and people also do get confused of our names. May Yee Phei Yee Hui Yi May Yee Phei Yee Hui Yi May Yee Phei Yee Hui Yi. Damn confused right. Wth. Haha.

Do not ask what just happen. WTH! haha. As you can see, the boy there is our Mr. president and yes, we pose quite long for this ok? Haha. There are like so many camera's flashing here and there (feeling like a celeb already) and yea, pity Mr. president.

Same pic with ultraman in it. Wth. Haha.

MGS girls. As crazy as every. Haha. The night ends and back to school tomorrow. WTH! Tomorrow p.a exam. Shit.


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