Sunday, October 14, 2007

japanese fashion

Japanese fashion is in man! I love it like so freaking much. Not those goth goth ones or outrageous ones. Just those kawaii kawaii ones. Hehe.

So as usual when I was surfing here and there (on the net of course), I discovered this website.

Yupe. I'm so in love with anything Japanese-ish. Wth. Its true. And guess what, the best thing bout this website is that it is in English! Well, there's Japanese language but there's English! A language I can sooooo understand! Woohoo! hehe. And so here are some pictures of street fashion Japan style. Cool phone and cool pictures! And like, so many of them! The most I took was 4 and I only pasted one on my phone. Not enough space for it. Wth. And.... I soo didnt know japanese like spongebob too! lol! Freaking same as me lor. Spongebob is like damn adorable.

And this super cool bag. Love the detail to it. The pockets I mean. Overall the design is simply and sweet.

And again, simple and sweet flip-flops. The colour so reminds me of the beach. uuu la la.

Another phone. It looks like a camera though. Gah. I'm such a hello kitty freak.

Ahh, and what about this super strawberry-ish bag? Very cute indeed. (eventhough I dont really fancy strawberries) *coughs


Janson October 22, 2007 at 8:45 AM  

jangan yee... jangan!!! fesyen ini macam pontianak gua musang! jangan Ah Lian-kan diri sendiri...

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