Tuesday, October 16, 2007

relax mode. not.

My books are staking up. My bed is so messy that the pillows are on the floor. My table, hopeless. I have too many books! The magazines are mix up with my school books, and so are the story books. Grr. SO, what I have to do now is to clear everything up and I mean everything. This isnt going to easy. Fuf.

This picture sooo reminds me of Form 5's kerja amal where I pratically "pretend" I made my room for the day. lol. Then, there's the bed. Took me 15 minutes (quite easy though because I just have to arrange the pillows, the rest I leave it to the maid) Wth. Haha. In this picture, I so freaking pretending. lol. But hey, at least I took the effort to pretend right? Wth.

My posters keeps coming off eventhough I pasted like the whole of it with selotape. Wth. And when I on the fan to the max power, the poster will be making weird weird scary sounds flapping here and there. Geez. Maybe there's something wrong with the wall or something. Gah. Nevertheless, I don't care bout it. As long as I can see lee hom's face then that's fine. lol.

The rest of the time, I pratically use it to read ma book and camwhore. lol.

Like this one.
And this.

This too. I am prone to talking to my homework. I'm serious. I talk to my homework.


Janson October 19, 2007 at 7:59 PM  

bersandiwara semasa konon... tapi tetap cute ;-)

.. and counting

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