Saturday, November 17, 2007


Grrr. It has been said that school hours (my school only i think) most probably would be extended till 4.30pm starting next year. @&^$*&@^#*&@# Wth Wth Wth.
Damn tiring la if like that. &*%$#^*&%
Sorry but I just cant stop swearing. @&^%$&*^@%#&*^%
Why must all this things happen to my year, my batch?
Sigh. T_____________________T
FIRSTLY, the maths and science in english thingy. That time I was in form 2 when they say its going to start with the form 1's. Fine. I miss that.
SECONDLY, the pmr science paper in subjective and objective. My batch is like the first year they have the subjective part. Damn.
Then NOW, my batch have to experience the schooling until 4.30p.m thingy. Argh.


..excuse me for that..


.. and counting

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