Sunday, November 18, 2007

cockroaches can fly?

They can? I didn't knew that. Until the other day. Wth.
What kind of bio student is this right? Haha. Even my bro knows it, and his science is like so so ny. lol
Anyways, I was watching harry potter and the order of phoenix on my computer when suddenly there's this "creature" flying onto the table then crawl up my phone. EwwwwwEw. Jer~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I didn't knew it was a cockroach you know. I was like busy running away from it. It gave me a fright ok. Then when I was on my feet, it try to chase me. Wth. Damn retarded la that cockroach. Thank goodness I'm not those screaming screaming type coz its like 12.30am already and my ma is like going to freak out and thought there is a fire or something. Haha. How cute, my mum. Hahaha.
Speaking bout fire, I usually cook supper (coz i'm forever hungry) and she'll be like, "Don't cook dy la. Later you'll burn the whole house". Wth. Hahaha. And she'll be lecturing me bout the safety measures and stuff. Awww, mothers. I don't think daddy would say anything bout that. He's the err, quiet type. (at times) Haha.

UPDATE : So far for my bio project, I've got 2 grasshoppers, 4 butterflies, 1 bee. (my dragonfly's head is like gone. *gasp* now, who would had done that? *coughs ants coughs**)


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