Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 01

I was at malacca and we had to sit a quite comfortable van to klia (mainly because my auntie registered with a tour agency in malacca). Anyways, upon arrival we check in our stuff, passport scanning thingy, bla bla bla boring procedures and waaa.. lah! The next minute we're in the plane already. lol. We're boarding unto a plane called "Hong Kong Express" which is kinda like a budget airline (something like airasia but there's food provided, no charges what-so-ever)

Oh yea, our flight is kind of delayed. And we reached hk quite late. T.T >>>> that is 2.32 a.m Wth.

Stupid things I do in the plane. Wth. The plane ride was quite ok. The air stewardess are ok too. Cute uniforms but they speak Cantonese. T_______________T Damn banana ok me. Sigh. But some of the do speak English but damn slang. lol. Erm, did I say that my bro and I actually fight for the seat next to the window? lol. Inmatures.
People with nothing better to do. lol. On the flight there's this entertainment system thingy (there's tv) and such a coincidence that the tv is like exactly up above our head (in a row and not infront of the chair like mas) and we sorta have to strain our head super 90 degrees to watch it. Wth. And the ear phone that we were given are damn huge. (the ear piece I mean) Damn pain my ear. My ear small somemore. T______________T

FOOOOoood..... was quite yucky. Broccoli (soft), fish with some weird sauce, carrot (soft also)

Flight from kl >> hk takes about 3 hours plus. Erm, what else, ah yes. The hotel. We stayed at Dorsett Hotel. Erm, dont really know what does that name means, anyways, the hotel room was like sooo small. Well, not really suprising though. Hk land is precious and to own a big plot of land, you'll have to be like super rich. Off to sleep at about 4.00a.m. Morning call would be at 6.00a.m. T______________T like going to school.

************************ here ends day 01 ********************


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