Thursday, November 1, 2007

The fruit of failure.

Oh yea! Exams are FINALLY over! *big smile* Well, err, not really actually, there's muet paper tomorrow but nah.. nevermind that. My exams are over! Gone are the restless nights and waking up 4a.m for 3 consecutive days just to study stupid Maths stupid Chemistry and stupid Biology.

Gah. Come to think of it, I should stop being joyful when the results are out. I think I would have to hide under the table when teacher calls my name and gives me the result slip.
This all started when I was having difficulties doing the maths exam! *#&$*#@%!$^%$# Bloody hell, the paper was damn hard. I was like sitting there and pressing my calculator and no shit answer seems to come out. Damn.

Then, there was chemistry. When I first open my paper, my reaction was like "AHhhhhhhhhH" Who in the world knows how to answer these lah?! Paper 2 was quite ok, but paper 1............... I wanna burn the paper.
Biology was quite ok as the questions where all from the past year questions book, which I, fortunately read some. HEHEHEHE. Damn gan jiong ok that time, questions seems so familiar and yet, dont really know how to do some. %#*$#*a*^*%+#$*$
Serioulsy, no words can describe how I felt that time. T________________T

Stressful moments. (Well, if you see closely, I was laughing away as my handphone camera was making cute cute sounds when I use the timer thingy) Wth. Anyways, exams end early and I was waiting for mummy under the hot sun, for 10 minutes. *sounds so ke lian* Haha.
Looking left.
Looking right.

Looking down.

Looking up.

Where can my mummy be?


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