Thursday, November 15, 2007

insect freak?

Don't get me wrong. I still dislike insects but at least, now, thanks to the biology experiment thingy, I'm not that afraid of butterflies no more! This proof's that fear is not a factor for me. lol. Wth.
Ok, it all started when we were given the assignment to catch insects. (we have to like, catch 25 species) Omg. You all know la, insects are not for me to catch and not for me to touch. But my very good butterfly-catching-team mate (thank goodness its group work) :: May eee, help me to some what overcome my fear.
Haha. She'll be the one running around with the net, chasing the butterflies and dragonflies around. My job? Carry the tupperwares around and get all excited when may e catches an insect. lol.
You guys must be wandering on how we would be killing the insects. No, we don't just leave it to die, we force it to die!!!! muahahahaha. (damn. so evil) its like this. We brought bottles that ought to be filled with plaster of paris and chloroform. yaaa. Chloroformmmmm. Muahahahaha.
And its like, we put the insects in, they smell the gas, and they die in about hrmmm, 5- 10 seconds.
Jorrr~ But i got to amit that this makes me look cruel. Somewhat like Adolf Hitler. Wth. Wth.
Anyways, its not like i want to okkkkk. Dad was like, "I wont do such cruel things" and he says he wanna leave all the killings to me. lol. Wth. But in the end, he ends up doing some. Haha.


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