Thursday, November 8, 2007


We had our class party yesterday. Its been a year since I attend class parties. This time around, there are new friends, in a new school, in a new atmosphere (our class is damn big) and different teachers attending.
This time, we had steamboat + grilling session (grill is damn fun). Gone where the days where we had fried noodles or fried rice and those boring food. Playing games like popping balloons and other childish games. Thank god! We end up grilling while chatting like aunties in the market. lol. There were even times when we were busy taking pictures and talking to much while grilling, our sausages end up being hangus and so are our sotong balls. Wth.

Grilling session. Boy am I hungry. My class only has like three plugs which is like so far apart.(such a big class but only 3 plugs. *sigh) So, we had to separate the grill thingy with our steamboat wth. *sigh.

Our tom yam only has a corn in it. Wth. Dont let your eyes deceave you : eventhough the tomyam soup looks dilute, the taste is like betul betul kao man! And then when we leave the fishballs too long in the chicken soup, it kinda kembang and kembang and kembang until it burst. lol. Everybody was like yer~~ yer~~ and I'm am the one who ends up washing it. T_____T damn smelly the soup at that time, the colour change also. Wth. Dont know why. Blek.

*sigh. Why do I always hunch my back?

It is very obvious that may yee and I DO NOT know how to hold chopsticks. Yea, I know. Shame on us. But its not like I want to. I tried ok, it's just that I prefer my own UniQUe style, you know.

Hui Yi attempting to strangle us. lol.

We tried to be like High School Musical (the jumping pose thingy, but failed) *my legs even reach the floor dy. Wth

Our second attempt, a better one I think. lol At least all our legs are OFF the floor.

It's official. We are crazy people.


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