Tuesday, December 4, 2007


I suddenly remembered that I had this advertistment column thingy at my blog, and when I was back I was like, oh yea.... I had this. Adsense thingy.

"Erm, what about it?" I wander to myself again (monolog dalaman, talking to myself in my thoughts, wth) Oh yayayayaya, how much money I collected so far.

************ Went to the website and check*********************

WTH?!!!!???!?!! *tut tut tut tut* only 10.29 U.S dollars? T___________________T
Its been like erm, 5 months? or something and there's only 10 dollars? Geez. There's this guy call John Chow (not related to jay chou if you're wandering), he earns about 10,000 a DAY!!! like .................... T_________________________________T


.. and counting

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