Friday, December 14, 2007

Day 02 hongkong / shenzhen

Haha. I know its been super long but, hey, so busy. Sigh. Here goes :::

Hello Hong Kong. (taken at Victoria Peak, 8.30am) *yawn* Dad says Victoria Peak looks way more beautiful at night. Oh well.

I love Hong Kong. So cold ~~

Had dim sum for breakfast! Typical, yea I know. We don't get to order what we want though. How sad. T.T That yellow thing. Don't eat. Yuck. The rest, yummy. *big smile
Next destination : Repulse Bay. Nice beach. Don't really know whether its man made anot. But yea, why the heck do I care? lol. See that brown house at the back? It belongs to Jackie Chan! hehe. Here, I'll zoom it for ya.

That's the best my camera can zoom. Haha. Like senget right the house? Ohh ooo. Haha
Stepping on Hong Kong ground. lol. Wth.

All together now.

While waiting for the rest of the tour group. They are so slow~ =.=''''''''''''

We were then, forced to go to lame herbal shops and jewellry shop. Haiz. Waste precious time ny.

And yes, we end up taking pictures again. heh~ There are mirrors everywhere! So much money, these people.


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