Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Genting Highlands. (part 1)

Geez. Didn't expect Genting to be that cold. Its even colder than hk. Well, probably because of the wind anyways. Ook, trip to genting this time was for my extended FAMILY day.

The happy part was that we had fun sitting roller coasters, hanging out with cousins, taking lame pictures and stuff. The lame part was that we had to stay at this lame-O apartment. Its so lame with a capital O man. I mean like, the toilet is yucky, the furniture sucks and they actually plan to sell it if people wanna buy them, the curtains looks ....., the bed's hard, the kitchen is ......., there's a bug under the sofa. Enough said. Well, whatever. As long as we had fun. hehe.

Oh wow, the view. Yea. It was quite misty when we when there. It always has every single time I went to genting. And it always rains when I go to Genting. Wth. Especially when its the day were we get to go to the theme parks. Geez.

Sigh. Its all because First World hotel is fully book thats why we need to stay here. Sigh. Hrm, the road looks like a go-kart track though. haha.
First night there, we went shopping! woohoo! And since our apartment is not that far away from FW plaza, we decided to walk. Sounds easy right? NOT! We have to sorta climb all the way up with the cold wind blowing and I swear I almost kena blow away ok? Something like me climbing mount everest. Wth. Sigh. No pain no gain. No walking no shopping. lol. Wth.
Say hello to Mr Christmas tree. Wth. Oh yea! Christmas is coming! Yay!

I don't really know why I took this pic. Erm, maybe because there's BURGER KING at the background! *big smiles.
Hurm, after 2 hours or so shopping and walking and looking at clothes and almost going to faint because of the coldness we decided, ok! time to go back.

And guess what and who I saw on the way back!!!!!!? We kinda past genting's arena of stars and apparently there's this show (chinese one) with some hk celebs in it. And I saw, omg omg, Wu Zhuo Xi!!!!!!!!!! ok. You must be wandering who the hell is this man?! Maybe this would refresh your memory.

There! Hmm, I'm not sure bout his name though but it should be Ron Ng Cheuk Hei. Yea Yea. Something like that. Haha. So hot right?! Haha. Actually I not that giler bout him. Its just that I find him quite yeng in this show "Revolving Doors of Vengeance" and didnt expect to meet him less than 500m apart. lol. Wth.

Some other celebs. HE sits at the back and when the bus moves, my camera fails me. T_______________T

Ok, ok enough bout him. (did I mention that he actually wave "goodbye!" at me. haha. Wth) ok ok. Back to my senses. The next day was theme park day even though it was kinda misty. lol

....................... to be continued


Janson December 13, 2007 at 11:39 AM  

Whatz thiz?
"""(did I mention that he actually wave "goodbye!" at me. haha. Wth)"""

Ini adalah DUSTA!!! TIPU!!!
Macam mana awak tahu dia wave kat kamu? Bah kata pepatah Deric, there are so many faces, how do you know he wave at you????


phei_yee December 13, 2007 at 12:49 PM  

yes laaaaa!!!!!!!!!! aku bermata empat hari tu.
yes la!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

huey mei March 8, 2008 at 10:34 PM  

huh...izit on the 8th of dec...
i was at genting also...

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