Thursday, December 13, 2007

Genting (part 02)

Like I said, it was theme park day! Yipee. Since yesterday we've been talking bout the space shot. This roller coaster (not roller coaster actually that goes up then shoot's down damn fast) is like so cool! And I cant wait to sit on it, but I didn't sat on it. T___________T
What a waste. Sobs.
Anyhow, at least I sat the corkscrew. Weee~~

There! The ride of horror! While lining up I was like "I can't blieve I'm doing this, I can't blieve I'm doing this" Chanting over and over and over again. Haha. Have to amit that I'm quite scared ok? Scared I would be flung out of the roller coaster. Haha. Wth.

After the ride. Can you believe that my chicken-ted brother actually sat for this too? haha. All of us were like "You're the man!" Wth. He kinda sat beside me and shouted @&^%$&@^(*#!^%& so loud as if somebody tries to rape him. Haha. The ride was quite long though. (to me la) I was like screaming aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *rest for awhile* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! *pause* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!. lol.

We had lunch in a bus. Hehe.

Indoor time! But because of the long lines and insufficient time, we only get to sit the ferris wheel and play bumper cars. T________T
Dinner was quite nice. But the waiting time to go there, (its not at firstworld if you're wandering) is killin me! We have to wait for the van at the hotel entrance and its like freaking cold outside. Burrrr~

End up taking pictures. Haha. Posers.

Bitting kay shin. Haha. I'm hungry ok.

The genting pass geng.



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