Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Ocean park

..... is damn nice! It reeeally is. hehe.

Compared to Disneyland, Ocean Park is more suitable for us, teens. Disneyland is kinda like to those in primary school, kindergarten kids. hehe~ The rides I mean. But the atmosphere at disneyland~~ wow.

This is the signboard. The picture of me at the entrance was unfortunately DELETED by my itchy hands. Shit. The entrance damn nice luu~ T______________T

Hurm, don't be trick by the fact that ocean park only has ocean stuff, ocean animals, bla bla. If that's what you're thinking, then think again. Haha. Wth. Its an awesome THEME park! Something like genting, but better of course. They have 2 parts too, the down place is where all the shops, carnival games and stuff are. The upper part is where all the animal shows, aquariums, roller coasters are. Cool huh? And of course, we have to kinda sit the cable car to get up. Duh~ Ok. Here we are. Lets go!

Taken at the cable car. Sky fair. You can actually sit in those hot air balloons! Just that I don't have enough time here. The stupid tour guide brought us late here. We reached here about 3pm and it closes at 7pm. T_____________T There are just to many things to do here.
Our next destination. To go see dolphins!

SO many people! And they've taken the good seats. T_____________T My bro and I kinda got the lame seat coz we asked it for ourselves. Wth. We kinda thought there would be like a whale or something and we went to sit infront coz we wanna get splash by the water. Haaaha. Wth. But these's no whale T_______T and our vision is being blocked by some platform. T_________T

Neh~~~ block by that Ocean Park platform. I cant really see what was happening that side. T_________________________T

Everytime the dolphin jumps, I tend to miss it. T______T Oh weeell, at least I took 2 photos of them jumping. Weee~ so cute. n.n

Erm, there are actually seals too. Just didnt manage to take pic of it. Sobs.


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