Sunday, December 30, 2007

P-chan's bday.

Hoho. P-chan is turning 19 already. Omg so damn fast right? Its like a moment ago we were in form 2 and now its like we're all grown up already. *big wet eyes Ok. You must be wandering why I call her P-chan why the name like weird right? She's actually li ting, but since she came back from japan (student xchange) she learn that Chan in japanese stands for girl. So with the name pan li ting, we summarise it as P-chan. Haha. Understand what I'm crapping?
Anyways, my girl bday is actually on the 2nd of January (so damn beginning of the year) but we decided to celebrate it early a lil. Ok, quite alot. Wtf.

The three muskateers. Wtf. I so dont know how to spell. From left :: hui yi, li ting, sik mei.

Don't look at the cake and say what crap cake is this. Its chocolate indulgence from SR ok? Haha. Don't really know why there's a flower in the middle. =.="" We're so eagerly waiting to chop the cake and eat it. Haha. Wth.

Group photos. Damn don't know why I always pose like I wanna go to the loo. Wth. My camera so damn suck lo! I mean its like not clear and the flash and all, damn ugly lo. Actually we are all damn pretty wtf but the camera make us look cacated. Haha.

Could I be any ugly-er.

Could we be any crazy-er. Haha.

Don't my camera suck? T________________________T

During dinner. Happy faces!~

Sweeet. xD


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