Saturday, December 1, 2007

yay! ness

Yay. I'm so happy today. Reason why :: Coz i manage to catch 2 damn rare dragonflies. One is blue and the other, red. OoooooOOOoo. *eyes big big

And they are HUGE, i tell ya. I didn't know (yet again) that there's blue dragonflies. Haha. Do you? If you know, then I'm stupid, if you don't then you're stupid. Haha. Wth. Erm, as usual, using fishing net to catch them, and you know what, the dragonfly damn ganas ok? We're like so scared that we will break its wing. Wth.

Reaching home, tired and hungry, momsie told me that dad "caught" a beetle and its huge too! *big smiles Caught it somewhere in Kemaman. Thank you kemaman, Thank you daddy, Thank you beetle for sacrificing your life for my project. Muahaha. *damn evil
PS: oh yea, I'll update my trip to hk soon. Too busy now. My apologies.


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