Thursday, January 3, 2008

all grown up.

Sigh. I'm so old already. Wtf. Today is the first day of school! How boring. Back to the same thing. The same school. But kind of different atmosphere coz the people in my class changes this year and they are, urrm, abit noisy-ier. Haha. Hurm, so now, I guess I'll be known as an UPPER 6 student already. Sigh, sound so old wth and may e is turning 19 this sunday omg how time flies right?

First day of school wasnt any good. The usual stuff, registration bla bla, chit chat, walk around, lepak in class wtf do homework. Boring. Ah yes, omg I am hardworking too ok dont underestimate me. lol.
Studies are going to begin tomorrow. Physical Chem. Wish me luck!~~~ (Why does school start so early these days. Sigh)

************And this is how her school life begins*************


Janson January 9, 2008 at 1:41 PM  

alah, one more year only... lepas tu bakarlah baju-baju sekolah anda!!!

.. and counting

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