Tuesday, January 1, 2008

jay jay jay

it's about time..
that I bought jay's new album..

I bought ori ok? Wth. I thought of buying cetak rompak ones at first wtf jay please dont be angry with me coz I could not afford it THAT time. Yupe. THAT time. Now mama's given me money. Yay!~
Anyways anyways, this purchase wasnt expected coz we were suppose to JUST go shopping for clothes but somehow I came back with stickers in my left hand and jay's cd plus computer games on my right. Wtf.

My 3rd baby. Wth. (And no uncle janson, he's not another pondan ok?) Grr. Since this post seems so short I included some random pics. lol. Was eating lunch that time. Using bro's new N70. Curses.

I am so so vain. xD (even without make up, whoaaa n.n)


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