Friday, January 11, 2008

mice rats blah

Biology biology biology. One killer subject that I suprisingly, like. Eventhough, I would be swearing and scolding what shit bio la bla bla wtf but in the end I still love Bio. It's just some way to erm, release my stress. Haha.

Something that I'm looking forward to is the disecting part. Isn't it something interesting? Disecting ecy wecy creatures like ahem frogs?! wth damn cruel la me. I thought we could get to disect frogs this year, but when teacher said we're going to disect rats instead, OMG. pls nooooooo. I don't disect mammmmmals!!! T_________________T

Rats. First thing that comes to my mind are those small furry cute little creatures that I can get from the pet shop but damn I was wrong. Those are mice. We are dealing with *gulp* rats! Those scary ones, with big reds eyes and makes those "ciit ciit ciit" irritating sounds. Oh my gosh someone please help me la can't to this by myself. T________T

Teacher gave us options :: [A] to buy from her - she's got her sources and she said that they are fresh wtf. omg. And they arent cheap either. RM20 for 2.
[B] to catch them ourselves *gasp* Is this option even acceptable? thinkable? can be taken into consideration? no.... nononononononononononono. never never never.

So, which option should I pick?
I'll leave that for you to guess. wtf isn't it obvious. Haha


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