Sunday, January 6, 2008

week two of school

I am still surviving :: after the whole holiday mania, late night tv's, going on9 for countless hours :: ah, Oh how I would miss them so. T______T
Well, look at the bright side, I would have a gazillion homework to keep me busy with and tonnes of hours of tuition! How wonderful! *fake smile then return to normal face xpression*

This week, sports day's practices are going to start. Isn't it darn first? Sigh. Plus I'm not those athletics type. I don't like to sweat. So, I'm so not looking forward to it. How boring.
Well, I do realise that there's this trend where I'm always being up into red house which is hmm, a good thing I guess. Red house most of the time wins in my old school last time but don't know bout my school now though. Haha.

Oh yea, except primary school. I was in blue team. There was once where I was so blur that I wore red pants while everybody else was wearing blue i look so bodo and worst of all I was ask to participate in the march pass. Wth. I was damn sure the teacher must be thinking this girl is soo dungu, well what can I do right its not my fault that I was blur and dungu that time wth. Haha. Its not like I wanted it.


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