Thursday, March 27, 2008

classroom U6A2

ngek ngek~ my classroom. Had I mentioned this topic to you guys earlier? Erm Erm Erm. Probably yes but not the pictures right? Hehe. Take a look.

Check out the backdrop. Nice lea. Sure la. I buat punye. Bangga bangga. xD Took me a few days to do it ok omg the notice board so damn huge. I just took pics of half the notice board ny. n.n
And check this out. My class kind of have this huge black hole at the ceiling which keeps "bringing out" its hot steam wood wood kinda smell. Jer~ Luckily I sit at the back of the class. negk ngek~ My friend Pasheena anggap it as, hmm.. spa.. lol wtf.
There. We complained to teacher many many many times already hmm, nothing was done unfortunately.. until now. Oh well. The other day, I told my friend to be really careful just incase she saw something hair like hanging from that hole wtf something like ju-0n. hahahaha. She damn scared dy.

Fuyoh. So hardworking. Nah. Actually just posing for the camera. woot~ Eh, don't know whether you guys realise anot, my lubang hidung like kinda big wtf wtf don't really know why. Omg~ haha.

Horrrr~~!!!!! Sleep in class. *tisk tisk tisk* students these days.

Random pic. Bro took this pic. omg look like hamster. O.o


'-nitHia-' March 27, 2008 at 11:37 PM  

aww~! sleep in class is so us last time. ahahahahaha. :D

Blog Rasmi Motivasi Minda October 3, 2008 at 8:03 PM  

Is that Malacca High School?
I miss my 2001 U6A2 class

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