Wednesday, March 19, 2008

hair hair

Yay! I did hair extensions!!~ See See >>>

NOT. Just trying to make myself happy. Sigh. Taking a look at these pictures makes me start to miss me long hair. Probably because my hair now looks like a primary one student. T...T How saddening man. Sobs. Why did I cut my hair?!!! *knocks head* oh yea, because I wanted to look like Hebe lol wtf, bad idea. My first hair cut was ok then the next one was like whoa, I look quite good in short hair but my latest hairstyle makes me go, wtf are you thinking phei yee! lol. Aizzzz. MOVING ON ~~~~
Took some pictures in class the other day, was some time ago when my hair was still in its zaman kegemilangan. Forgot to post them so here they are ::

It was on a Wednesday thats why everybodies wearing badan beruniform uniforms. lol. Sigh. When will the pimples on my face vanish? Another sad story. Well, at least the condition of my face is better now compared to last time when I was form 1 and 2 omg, pimple damn banyak damn ugly wth.
Oh yea, the PBSM VAD of my school is going to have this Kempen Derma Darah at Kuantan Parade on the erm, 6th April if I'm not mistaken. So come come come~ Come and donate your bloods wth sound so retarded.

Teddy bear i love. 0.O
Messy messy table but makes me look hardworking right woot! haha.

Here we go again. :x

These two are one of the smartest classmates I've ever seen or make friends with! Left :: Mei ting Right :: Hui Sam.


'-nitHia-' March 19, 2008 at 10:01 PM  

ey. i also use that pen wor. lol. no more carrera in the market dy hor. aih. niways, the pen damn nice to use right? =)) aaand.that mei ting girl memang sah totally genius. i see she do add maths ahhh.i pengsan-ed!

pHei e March 20, 2008 at 4:07 PM  

hmmm, u kenal mei ting? hehe
she very friendly o. ^^
yaa. this pen not bad. n.n
carrera sometimes the ink cacat-ed one. T__T

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