Thursday, March 13, 2008

rat disecting. muahaha

Yes. Finally the day of disecting the rat has come. Big fat rats with juicy organs. *yer.*

my rat's profile ::

Name :: puffpuff lala
Age :: unknown
Gender :: a very healthy male
Condition when dead :: eyes closed, hands and legs curled up, smelly-ish, teeth yellow
me with puffpuff lala after taking out his brain ::
WARNING >>>>> Most of the pics are not suitable to be view by those "euu, euu euu, so geli la rats, oh i hate rats so much" people. SO therefore if you're one of them, don't scroll down the page. Don't tell me I didn't warn u.

Ooo.. In case you are wandering, this is what a rat looks like after being disected. wtf. Quite yuck~ie right? yaa. I noe. Hmm, and my rat somehow stink more than other people's rat. My friend said I ter-pecah or ter-cut the pundi hempedu or the bladder thingy or something so it stinks. I was like "huh? you serious aa?" geez. And you know what? We had to kopek the skin out and damn, bloody shit smelly somemore. omg.

Erm, this is my friends rat. Female rat. The black stuff there is the colon I think and around it is the hmm, intestines which looks like some rotten spagetti. Swt. =.=! Pity my friend though, his hand is so big, that the gloves available are only size M or S, so he's stuck with M. See how tight it is. Haha.

Distance between mr. puffpuff lala and me :: approximately 60cm. He's so stinky. Btw, do I so look like a doctor in making? lol. Bangga bangga. But if I were to be a doctor, I would never in a thousand years be a surgeon! Wtf. Damn hard and the patients life is in my hands wtf I cannot handle this kind of pressure man. lol. When teacher asked us to remove the spleen, and I was like "Oh shit, I removed the liver and a few of its lungs. Damnnn." How can I be a surgeon la like that. Sad case.

My rat is a smoker coz its teeth is so yellow. Haha.

Why are we so cruel? +.+

Bless its little heart. Owwww.

Omg! am I that thin. T________T

So happen, the pipe connected to our lab spoilt or something so we had to use the traditional way which is to use the rubber pipe outside our lab, all of us look like desperate peolple by the drain, snatching the pipe trying to wash our hands. lol.

Dr. Wei Hong, Crazy patient Phei Yee and Dr. Yee Chern. With us, wei hong's rat :: Leng zhai (apparently, that the rat's name. omg.)

Forgive us. We bio students tend to get crazy sometimes.


Janson March 17, 2008 at 9:18 AM  

pembunuh-ssss!!! murderer-ssss!!!

.. and counting

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