Friday, March 21, 2008

sick. buuuu.

I'm offically sick again and I'm not liking it. Usually, I kinda like it coz it makes my voice alil bit sexy lol but hmm, because I have a camping trip 3 days away its not a good time to get sick. T_T
Went to the doctor today, grab some antibiotics ya alla damn big the pill and when to sleep. ngek ngek this time can sleep longer coz got excuse sick. he he.

MY hair has grown 1cm from last week!

Celaka. Damn slow but I'm liking it! ngek ngek ngek. Soon, I'll be able to tie up my hair dy. woot.
Speaking bout hair, the other day I saw there's this promotion at guardian, salon curler philips brand omg rm38.88 ny! omg. So, I rushed to guardian tak de pulak. Sedih dy la like that.............
The salesgirl said its only valid for klang valley guardians wtf damn sad dy la. I didn't believe her at first and left the shop like crap, what's this women saying la the newspaper also didn't write.
When I look at the article however, written in super small words at the bottom, only valid for selected outlet. wtf wtf wtf. T______________T


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