Thursday, March 20, 2008

tagged :x

Nits tagged me. ngek ngek~

What is your dream when you are in your childhood?
Erm, i will not lie here. A singer. Hahahahaha. Yea I know i know. lame lame but hey I like to sing and its not a crime right. Haha.

Asian boys or Mat Sallehs?
For now, Asians. ngekngek. *coughs wu zhun damn cute.

Countries you've been to?
Let's see. Erm, HongKong, Paris, London, Holland, Singapore and yea. That's basically it.

Skirt or pants?
Depends actually. See my mood. ^^

Describe what you do during your free time?
Urmph. Sleep? Haha.

Favourite song?
Currently Taylor Swift's Tear drops on my guitar.

When do you apply your make up?
lol. Lame question. Erm, shopping, yam cha sessions. See my mood first. And the crowd. xD

Fiction or non- fiction books?
Fiction lah! Non fic so boring.

Future plans?
Become a doctor at the age of 29. Get a PhD if that's God's will for me. lol. Get married with a rich and handsome tycoon's son or a hairstylist/millionaire (hehe) so that he can style my hair everyday. Have a mansion in Hawaii. A castle in France and a condo at Donald trump's tower. Ya alla ya tuhanku. My plans are a lil too big. lol.

NITs..... lazy laaa write until 20 questions. Tag you back! Write 30 questions now^^ Hahahahaha.


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