Friday, March 7, 2008

tree planting programme

We are so environment friendly nowadays. So good citizens of Malaysia. lol. A few days ago, we had this programme (thanks to the biology biro and teacher for organizing it) where we had to erm, plant trees! woohoo! About 300 of them with the help of erm, 80 students I think. HeHe.

In the bus, we went crazy. lol. We took the back seat coz chui mean my friend said that it would be like a roller coaster sitting at the back. Haha. Wtf. And yea, it was kinda bumpy at the back. Kinda. We went wooo weee ahhh uuuu like jakun people never sit bus before, that kind. O.o

DO NOT ask what happen to my hair. I warned you. Just don't say nothing. :x

I (sony erricson) lee hom!! WOo hoo. And yea, beside me is chui mean. n.n We both hate flashes from the camera. lol. But as in the case of this pic, this is the clearest pic I shot in the cam. Wtf.
Anyways, everything was ok, except for those bla bla speech. Hate those stuff. The food was like "WAAaaaAAAaaaa, so niceeeeee!" Maybe because we are hungry or something coz its just those normal nasi briyani and ayam masak merah. Wtf. lol.
Trying to be like wang lee hom. Wtf.

Aren't I hardworking? O.o
And here, we have the random shots.

"Someone" trying to steal my chicken.

"Oh man, the food is so damn good" face.

Chui mean :: "Waaaaaaaaaaaaater." lol

Picture 1 :: After lunch, I decided to steal meei siew's bag.

Picture 2 :: .... BUT failed miserably, then tried to bully Yee Chern.

Picture 3 :: Felt bad to steal people's stuff so I decided to donate some money. (and so does e chern ) hehe.

Picture 4 :: I ended up being a beggar with some other friends. Wtf. (Meei siew looks so funny. HaHa)


Janson March 11, 2008 at 5:09 PM  

apa yang telah berlaku kepada rambut itu!!!!! hodohnya!!!

Margaret March 13, 2008 at 6:13 PM  

yeeearrrr.. wat happen 2 ur hair..
elloo.. dun u dare to put d CAP on d field, i tell u!!!

pHei e March 16, 2008 at 10:54 PM  

lan jing tit~
lan jing tit~

.. and counting

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