Friday, April 11, 2008

blood donation campaign

First and foremost, I would ahem ahem like to thank each and everyone who donated their precious blood during my school's blood donation campaign. Thank uuu uncle auntie jie jie kor kor grandpa grandma leng zhai leng nui ah beng ah lian for donating. n.n

Anyways, what would a post be a post without pictures wtf sound so cacat. So, here :

Chuii Yi signing up to donate~ She is soo pretty. n.n

We have the nestle omega drinking stall there serving free milk to donaters. lol. Promoting for nestle.

"Busy" PBSM-ers at the registration counter. ngekngek~

Great crowd. Total number of donators we had that day :: 112!! Quite many. n.n

Me and dear Ee loe. Ee loe, I like your camera! and its all pink! n.n Teacher said there's more people coming bcoz there are pretty receptionists waiting and helping them to register lol wtf

Trying to ignore Mr. Teo Jern Foong at the back haha.

VAD PBSM-ers 2008. We rule!!~


LoeLoe April 19, 2008 at 12:56 AM  

jern foong tu very funny la

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