Friday, May 16, 2008

David Archuleta

Omg. I really do adore this boy. He's so adorable I mean like really compare to Jay and Lee Hom and Jesse. lol.

Ahem. I wasn't so into him actually but recently since he's in the hmm. top 5 I was like whoa, he's really got potential and stuff like that you know. lol now I sound like a judge imagine me sitting next to Simon wtf. haha.
Anyways, take a look at this.

Now. Isn't that cute. And he's only 17. Omg. So mature unlike me 18 still acting like 12 year old at times. =.='''''''
The other day Simon commented that he's a chiwawa trying to be a tiger or something like that bla bla. lol. Simon will always be simon. n.n
David Cook is not bad either.

And there's this girl who's eliminated but I feel she's really really pretty. Hmm, she's a Filipino apparently. Ramiele Malubay if I'm not mistaken, her name that is.

Sigh. How can someone be so pretty. Sigh. Like her hair too. n.n Anyway, something tells me that's he's gonna win but I want David Archuleta too win!


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